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[Re]Create the Organization You Really Want!

Leadership & Organization Design for Sustainable Excellence 


Build a solid foundation for sustainable excellence by identifying and understanding the forces for change and stakeholder requirements.

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Design Dimensions

Learn how the four dimensions of organization design align and integrate to create sustainable value for multiple stakeholders.

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System Design

Learn how to design aligned and integrated systems by designing and developing your own custom leadership system. 

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The Challenge

Leaders today face increasing demands from a variety of stakeholders. The challenge is to figure out a way to create value for all the key stakeholders without taking from one to serve another. Pressures from stakeholders combined with increasing competition and advances in technology provide many dilemmas but many opportunities for the organization designer. We must get beyond the attitude of a zero-sum game and self-serving silos and create organizations with systems and cultures of service. 

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Organization Design

So why do we focus on organizational design? There is an old saying, “You can’t get flowers to grow by pulling on them.” The components of organizational design are what people see and hear. What they see and hear influences what they think and how they feel. What they think and feel influences what they say and do or their behavior. Their behavior influences organization performance. We focus on organization design because it influences the behavior of those who work in and with the organization. 

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Leader as Organization Designer

Like designers of buildings, organization designers must leverage what we know (the science) of organizations and systems with what is possible and not yet imagined (the art) to develop solutions that address many constraints and the needs of multiple stakeholders. There are two main types of organization designers — formal leaders and informal leaders who help them. 

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The Framework

Leading the journey to create sustainable value for multiple stakeholders requires the flexible combination of leveraging the forces and facilitators of change with leadership activities and behaviors, organizational culture, and individual leader characteristics. The Leading Transformation Framework is composed of 14 components described in the 14 chapters of the [Re]Create book. The application of the framework concepts is addressed by our 14 digital learning and application labs that help guide the [re]design and transformation of your organization to create sustainable value for multiple stakeholders. 

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The Prize

Organizations that have taken a systems approach to creating value for multiple stakeholders have demonstrated improving results across a comprehensive scorecard. Comprehensive means a scorecard that includes measures for all the stakeholders and the systems that produce value for them. A comprehensive scorecard contains measures of the value creation system, including customers, products, services, operations, workforce, suppliers, and partners. 

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