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Leadership and Organization Design for Sustainable Excellence


“(Re)Create is a masterful, comprehensive, and systematic resource for how to craft a relevant, prosperous, dynamic, and sustainable business! John Latham’s breadth of academic and practical leadership experiences shine through in an engaging, thoughtful, and approachable set of ideas, tools, and principles for achieving both business success and leadership significance!"

"If you have time to read only one business book this year – make it (Re)Create!"

"Better yet buy a copy for your entire team and together (re)create the optimal culture, execute operational excellence, and craft engaging experiences that drive loyalty and advocacy of your people and your customers.”

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. CCXP | New York Times #1 bestselling author of books like The Starbucks Experience, Driven to Delight, The Zappos Experience, and The New Gold Standard.

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Design Lab

Learn by doing in our digital learning and application labs and become the designer of the Organization You Really Want and Your Stakeholders Need! Learn how to design aligned and integrated systems by designing and developing your own custom systems. The labs are digital experiences packed with practical application tools, assessments, and techniques to help you align and integrate your organization’s systems to create sustainable value for multiple stakeholders. 

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What makes our Studio approach different?

Most organizations have tried numerous methods to improve organizational performance. Many of these efforts have resulted in mixed success. Few have been able to successfully make the changes necessary to achieve and sustain high performance. So what makes our learning and application lab approach to design different from those previous attempts?

Learn by Doing – Participants become designers of the organizations they really want! They lead by example and "learn by doing" real work application activities and eventually become self-sufficient with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools to continue learning after the experience.

Systems Thinking – A deep understanding of the underlying systems, relationships, and leverage points is the foundation for good organization design that creates sustainable value for multiple stakeholders.

Confidence – Our approaches are based on and use scientific learning methods and research to inform the custom design of systems to achieve and sustain high performance.

Creative & Custom – Our methods integrate design thinking to help you [re]imagine, [re] design, and [re]invent or "create custom" systems vs. simply "fixing" the old methods.

Convenient – We use asynchronous digital media and methods which are convenient, flexible "bite-size chunks" for your busy schedule. The studio works on a variety of mobile devices, including laptop computers, tablets, and phones.

Better Value – No travel necessary; the virtual approach saves money with less stress on the natural environment.

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