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Leading Transformation Labs

The "do it yourself" (DIY) Design Dimensions Labs pick up where the Stakeholder-Focus Labs end. The 12 Core Labs address the remaining 12 chapters in the [Re]Create book. The labs are organized into four "collections" that address leadership; aligning strategy, systems, and scorecard; the culture and people; and learning and improvement. These four digital lab experiences form the path to [re]creating the organization you really want and society needs! An organization that produces sustainable value for multiple stakeholders. 

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Management Design Lab

Reaching your organization’s full potential requires custom systems that fit your unique organization and situation “like a glove!” The "do it yourself" (DIY) System Design Lab is a “learn by doing” design experience where you develop your design skills while designing a system for your organization. The framework that guides the design process is described in the second half of Chapter 6 in the [Re]Create book.  

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