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Core Labs

The Core Labs pick up where the Foundation Labs end. The 12 “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Core digital learning and application labs address the remaining 12 chapters* in the [Re]Create book. The labs are organized into five virtual lab experiences that form the path to [re]creating the organization you really want and society needs! An organization that produces sustainable value for multiple stakeholders.



Our lab approach includes five key elements for each lab including key concepts, application, assessment, leader as an organization architect, and [re]create. The Leading Transformation Lab Collection includes 12 Labs with 60 Videos (over 10 hours), 60 Workbooks, and over 180 Editable Worksheets.

*The Design Framework in the second half of Chapter 6 is not addressed in the Core Labs. It is addressed in the Design Lab.

Leadership for Sustainable Excellence Labs

Your current organization was designed by humans (consciously or unconsciously) and can be purposefully designed or redesigned to produce even greater value for multiple stakeholders. Conscious [re]design requires the leader to become the architect of the organization they really want! As Gandhi proposed, to effectively lead an organizational transformation, “you must become the change you want to see in the organization.” Only then will you be credible.

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Strategy, Systems, and Scorecard Labs

Get the “DNA” Right First! All too often, organizations begin improving the “pieces and parts” of the organization without understanding how they work together as a system. The results are predictably disappointing. There is a better way - build a solid foundation and framework before you redesign the individual components. A solid foundation and framework are formed by aligning and integrating the strategy, systems, and scorecard to create value for the multiple stakeholders. 

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Culture of Service and People Labs

Without People, Organizations Don't Exist! The people and culture are the "glue" that breathes life and energy into the organization. Organizational strategies and systems do not exist without humans to make them a reality. Consequently, without an understanding of human behavior, we cannot understand organizations. And, if we don't understand organizations, we cannot redesign them to perform better.

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Organizational Assessment and  Learning Labs

In a fast-changing world, the only way to stay ahead of your competition is to learn and improve faster than they do. Sustainable excellence is creating ever-increasing value for multiple stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, suppliers and partners, the community, and the natural environment. 

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Includes 60 Online Instructional Videos + Text - Over 10 Hours


Includes 60 Downloadable PDF Workbooks - Over 900 Pages


Includes over 180 Downloadable Editable PowerPoint Worksheets

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